The vineyard is next to a large fig tree and it is no coincidence. As a winery we have, without doubt, decided to take a sustainable path, approaching the biodynamic method, a type of cultivation that tends to preserve the naturalness of the soil and its values. We chose it because for us producing wine is linked to our philosophy of life. We believe in an authentic product that speaks of us and of the synergy it has with our soil. An undisciplined wine, far from stereotypes, capable to touch and warm the soul. A wine that deeply moves your mind thanks to its natural bond with nature.

Our first bottles were ready at the end of May 2023. Soon they will have company with three new wines available from the harvest in 2023. If you wish to buy our products please contact us.

Our red wine

Rosso dal fico

The red wine from our vineyard, originated by a Romagna biotype, comes from the blend of the two red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, harvested when fully ripe and exclusively by hand using small boxes which are immediately taken to the winery. Spontaneous fermentation and a 30-day maceration on the skins of the pressed grapes is followed by aging in stainless steel tanks, unclarified, unfiltered, chemically untreated. 

Alcohol content: 14.5°
Grape varieties: Sangiovese 75%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%
Colour: intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections
Bouquet: fruity notes of cherry and black cherry, fragrant and with gentle tannins
Taste: dry, medium-bodied and excellent drinkability

Our white wine

Grechetto gentile

Our first autochthonous white, young but which already reveals its character and what it will be growing up with us.
From 100% Grechetto Gentile grapes harvested when fully ripe and exclusively by hand in crates which are immediately discharged into the destemmer.
Soft pressing followed by spontaneous fermentation of the flower must, with only indigenous yeasts, and subsequent refinement in stainless steel, without clarification or filtration, not chemically treated

Alcohol content: 14°
Grape variety: 100% Grechetto Gentile
Colour: yellow, warm and intense
Bouquet: delicate and slightly aromatic
Taste: fresh and flowing, harmonious on the palate.